Troll face smiley on fb

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How to make a blushing smiley face on fb.

die seite geht net so gut :/ aber paar sachn gehn schon
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Facebook is the most popular social network out there. It first started as a network for Harvard students but soon expanded to accept everybody all over
07.01.2012 · Bonjours j'aimerais savoir quelle est la commande pour faire le smiley trollface sur Fb Merci d'avance, 2012-01-07 21:30:35
31.01.2012 · Emoticons are great way of expressing your mood, Facebook has supported different smileys, you may put it in chat window/messages. But the facebook
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the blog is about facebook smileys ,, we are having all types of facebook chat codes Troll Face - myair.ro
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Troll face smiley on fb

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04.04.2012 · Hey Kennt von euch zufällig jemand ne gute Übersichicht über diese Zahlencodes für Smileys im FB-Chat? Ich meine solche Codes: https://www.facebook

Troll face smiley on fb

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